Welcome to the better way.

"There has got to be a better way" is a common cry from entrepreneurs worldwide, and that's exactly how we felt in 2008 when we first set out to design, print and market our own retail apparel line. What seemed simple enough -- creating awesome t-shirt designs and sharing them with the world -- became a frustrating task involving print shops and suppliers who either charged too much, responded too little, or took too long. After years of design, printing, branding and retail experience, we decided that we could cater to the needs of a diverse and geographically-dispersed client base better than either local print shops (too slow) or online print services (too expensive), and thus Inkmule was born.

In our years of business since then we've been able to provide superior customer service, expert artwork and consulting, and premium printed products to thousands of companies and individuals. Every day we are growing our product line, capabilities and supplier network in order to offer some of the best prices and products in the industry. We pride ourselves on consistently helping clients come up with fun new ways to convey their message, reach their audience and engage with their employees and clients, and we think you'll find the same in your experience. We're looking forward to working with you!

- Logan A Roberts, Owner